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In compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals, it is hereby disclosed that your personal data (name, address, telephone number, economic activity, income, sex, marital status, occupation, beneficiaries, RFC, CURP, date of birth, marital status, name of spouse, employment data, commercial references, details of the jointly and severally liable party (s) provided by you to ZACTAIN FINANCIERA, SA DE C.V., SOFOM E.N.R. (hereinafter, ZACTAIN FINANCIERA) due to the services provided, or to be provided to you, by this company, subsidiaries and / or affiliates, will be used for the following purposes: (i) All procedures related to the Credit; (ii) The inquiry or inquiries in the Credit Information Societies of the information and credit history of the applicant; (iii) The prevention and / or detection of fraud or other illicit actions to the detriment of ZACTAIN FINANCIERA and / or the applicant; (iv) The contracting of insurance by ZACTAIN FINANCIERA and / or by the applicant that are obligatory and / or related to the Credit and / or that are independent and / or additional to these; (v) The extrajudicial and / or judicial collection of the Credit to the applicant; (vi) Advertising, promotion and / or telemarketing to the applicant, of the goods, products and / or services that are offered by ZACTAIN FINANCIERA, by any material and / or electronic means; and, (vii) The measurement of service quality, statistics, marketing and / or reporting by ZACTAIN FINANCIERA that are related to the Credit and / or the applicant. The applicant's personal data may be transferred: (i) When ZACTAIN FINANCIERA transfers, transmits, transfers, affects, charges and / or negotiates, in any way, the credit rights of the Credit that are registered in the opening contract simple credit held and / or, in the promissory note (s) subscribed under the same, by the applicant (the "Credit Rights"); (ii) To the successors in title and / or beneficiaries of the Credit Rights; (iii) When the transfer is obligatory, necessary and / or convenient in relation to and / or, with respect to, the Credit Rights and / or the Credit; (iv) To any of the third parties that provide any product and / or service related and / or related to the product or products and / or services requested and / or offered by ZACTAIN FINANCIERA, and / or related to the Credit ; and / or (v) to any subsidiary and / or affiliated company of ZACTAIN FINANCIERA. You can at any time request ZACTAIN FINANCIERA to access, rectify, cancel, oppose (ARCO), limit its use or revoke the use of your Personal Data (ARCO rights) and know the procedures to exercise said rights, for which you can request it directly in our offices located at Av. Juan José Torres Landa No. 204, 3 floor D, Fraccionamiento del Parque, Celaya Guanajuato, CP. 38010 or to the telephone number 52 1 461-6120802.

Website Privacy Policies

ZACTAIN FINANCIERA is sensitive to privacy aspects through the Internet, therefore, it is extremely important that you know what treatment is given to the information it receives from you through this website (hereinafter, the "Site") You can visit the ZACTAIN FINANCIERA Site on the World Wide Web (www) without showing your identity and without revealing any personal information to us. ZACTAIN FINANCIERA's web servers only collect domain names, and not the visitor's email address. This information is obtained to measure the number of visitors, the average time of use, the pages visited, etc. ZACTAIN FINANCIERA, will use this information to measure the use of the site and to improve its content.

Collection of Personal Information

On some occasions ZACTAIN FINANCIERA will need information about you and / or your company, such as your name and email address, so it will let you know how this information will be used when you ask for it. Usually, the personal information that ZACTAIN FINANCIERA requests, is only used internally to answer user questions, process an order or allow access to specific account information. Sometimes ZACTAIN FINANCIERA may carry out online surveys. to better understand the needs and profiles of our visitors. When ZACTAIN FINANCIERA carries out a survey, it will inform the user of the use that will be given to said information at the same time that we request it.

Use of "Cookies"

If you register through the Internet with ZACTAIN FINANCIERA, this information may be used to provide you with common information about ZACTAIN FINANCIERA's products, which could meet the needs of your business. In these cases, a technology called "cookie" can be used to provide this information to you. A "cookie" is a small piece of data that a website can send to your browser, which can be stored on your hard drive so that we recognize it when you return. You have the possibility to configure your browser in such a way that it notifies you when you receive a "cookie", in order to prevent the installation of the "cookie" on your hard drive.

Connections to other Sites

This Site, as well as the ZACTAIN FINANCIERA Web sites, may have links to other Web sites, such as the Web sites of ZACTAIN FINANCIERA distributors or sales affiliates. ZACTAIN FINANCIERA may maintain connections (links) with Web sites that share the highest privacy standards; however, ZACTAIN FINANCIERA will not be responsible for the content or the privacy practices used by other sites.

Share information

By providing information through this Site, ZACTAIN FINANCIERA may share your information with other ZACTAIN FINANCIERA businesses, affiliates or subsidiaries, to achieve the purposes identified in these Privacy Policies or in our communications with you, including but not limited to, attend to your requests and offer you other products and services that may be of interest to you. The information you provide may be shared with other ZACTAIN FINANCIERA businesses, affiliated companies or subsidiaries located within the Mexican Republic or in other parts of the world.

Special Stipulations

By providing us with information through this Site, you grant us your express authorization under the terms of the provisions of article 76 bis, section I, of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection, in order for said information to be disseminated and transmitted in the form and terms provided in this Privacy Policy. Additionally, said information may be stored on servers located in other jurisdictions. If you do not agree with the above, please do not use this Site and if you have provided personal information, please contact us to tell us how you would like ZACTAIN FINANCIERA to handle such information.

Access to your information for updating / rectification

Please contact us, if you wish to access, rectify, modify or verify the personal information you have provided to us or if you have questions about the way we handle your information or about any provision contained in this Privacy Policy.

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